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Tune Up Service                                         Starter Repair
Brake Repair                                              Transmission Repair
Oil Change Service                                    Clutch Repair
Auto Maintenance                                    CV Axle Repair
30 / 60 / 90k Service                                Water Pump Repair
Timing Belt Service                                   Buyer’s Inspection
Drive Belt Service                                      Head Gasket
Belt and Hose Repair                                Wheel Bearings
                                   Car Air Conditioning

                      Further preventative maintenance service

                        and/or exchange, Engine, Transmission, Brakes,

                       Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Steering and Suspension,

                       Water Pumps, Fuel Pumps,  Fuel Injectors,

                        Electrical Systems, Alternators,

                          Starters and Ignition.. 

Transmission Service & Repair

The transmission in your vehicle – whether standard or automatic uses a combination of gears, clutches or bands to deliver power from the engine to drive your vehicle at varying speeds, while keeping the engine speed within a safe and efficient range of RPMs.  From something as routine as changing your transmission fluid to major transmission repair, California Auto Service has your transmission needs covered. In many cases, routine services on drivetrain systems go a long way to preventing the need for major and costly repairs; however, nothing lasts forever and if you find yourself needing repairs beyond routine maintenance we can help.

Brake Repair & Service

If it’s been more than 10,000 miles since your previous brake service, it’s time to have them inspected. We can help you to fully understand how your brakes work and how to address any issues. In most vehicles the tolerances of the braking components at the wheels are tight in order to prevent noises and improve performance. However, these tighter tolerances mean rust and corrosion can leave components bound up and the brakes dragging or not releasing fully. From minor brake servicing to major brake repair California Auto Service is fully equipped to ensure your brakes are going to work as well as they were designed to.

Keep your Vehicle Running Longer

Changing your engine oil and filter is one of the maintenance services you have to do in order to protect your engine. We can perform a thorough, affordable and quick oil change to ensure that your car runs smoothly. Engine oil is the lifeblood of an engine. It not only lubricates all the moving parts within an engine but it helps to seal the pistons ring in the cylinders and cool components. In many newer vehicles, it is used to drive variable cam timing systems. When we change your oil and filter, we also take the time to visually inspect your vehicle’s various systems. We take note of any issues that might require attention, either now or in the near future.

  A/C Repair & Service

Air Condition Recovery, Vacuum, Charge, replacing A/C Compressor and all of it's components to make you comfortable in the hot days

We can provide tires 

Mounting, Balancing & Disposal of your

old tires